Allen Iverson May Need To Pay $1.2 Million To Ex-Wife

Allen Iverson is waiting on a court ruling that could see him paying his ex-wife child support, upfront, for the next 13 years!

Iverson avoided jail time back in June by paying his ex, Tawanna Turner, $40,000 in unpaid child support. He said he hadn’t paid it because he felt the couple could reconcile and get back together.

Having been to court a number of times, Iverson seems to have avoided paying the money he owes Turner, only paying it at the last minute to avoid time in the slammer.

In July, Turner alleged that Allen Iverson abducted his five children when he refused to return them after a visit. He denies the accusation.

Iverson has not played in the NBA since 2010, but between 1996-2010 he made a personal fortune of over $150 million. So the $1.2 million he is being asked for is only a drop in the ocean, which may mean that there is more to the saga than just money.

The court documents revealed that Iverson is, surprisingly, in some kind of financial difficulty, coupled with the fact that he is preparing a full retirement soon. This means he won’t have any regular money coming in.

It is now up to the courts to decide whether Allen Iverson will pay his ex upfront for the next 13 years, or if he will pay steadily through to October 2026, when his oldest child turns 18.