Reese Witherspoon Style: Alan Jackson’s Daughter Smacks Cop, Gets Arrested

Reese Witherspoon. who was famously arrested by cops on April 19, may have been the inspiration for the latest “don’t you know who I am” case that police have had to deal with this year.

Alexandra Jackson is the 20-year-old daughter of country singer, Alan Jackson. When she was arrested on Wednesday she took a leaf out of the Reese Witherspoon handbook of how to deal with cops.

When she was pulled over in Nashville Tennessee as she rode as a passenger in her friend’s Range Rover.She was uncooperative and apparently became irate towards the officers.She refuses to remain in the vehicle when asked. She also hit one of the policemen in the chest when resisting arrest.

Reports say that Jackson dropped daddy’s name when being booked, saying that the renowned country singer would “do anything I wanted him to,” in order to get her out of jail. The officers were allegedly indifferent to the name dropping and continued to write up the paperwork. reported that Alexandra had consumed a large amount of alcohol and when she got out of the Range Rover said she was: “angry over the traffic stop” and “raised her hand in an angry manner toward the officer.”

Back in April when Reese Witherspoon’s husband was pulled over for DUI in Atlanta she also resisted arrest and mouthed off to officers asking them: “Do you know my name?”