Bay Bridge Troll In San Francisco Faces Destruction With Construction On Schedule

The Bay Bridge Troll in San Francisco may face destruction with the upcoming construction.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the San Francisco Bay Bridge is closing for a few days until September 3.

The Bay Bridge closure means that many thousands of San Francisco commuters will have to find alternative routes if they want to travel across the bay. The last AC Transit bus to use the bay bridge was the even of this past Wednesday. The Bay Bridge will only return to service the following Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, buses will use the East Bay route, instead.

The Bay Bridge was shut down for work on the new eastern stretch which includes minor demolition, grinding and paving. As of Friday workers were about 65 percent done and officials expect them to be on target for the Bay Bridge reopening at 5 AM on Tuesday. BART has been the busiest it has ever been in years.

Bay Bridge Troll

The San Francisco Bay Bridge Troll was sculpted by blacksmith Bill Roan after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. The Oakland Museum of California even features a replica of the famous Bay Bridge Troll.

But the Bay Bridge Troll is physically welded to the side of the bridge and might be facing destruction when that section of San Francisco’s famous Bay Bridge is demolished. Bay Bridge Toll Oversight Committee spokesman John Goodwin says that won’t happen:

“Why, that would, at the very least, cause one or more individuals to turn to stone, heap upon us countless years of poor harvests and perhaps even bring down the locusts?… Trolls appear and assume their duties under the powers of magic. Trolls are no more bound by the decisions of government than, say, leprechauns or the Easter Bunny. Either the magic happens or it doesn’t. But we aren’t going to do anything to get in the way.”

They haven’t decided if the Bay Bridge Troll will be moved to the new eastern span, to the top of the tower, or into a museum. There’s also the possibility a new Bay Bridge Troll may grace the side of the bridge in coming years.

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