Irate Woman Trashes Cell Phone Store, Moons Clerk [Video]

An enraged cell phone customer in Detroit trashed the store and mooned the clerk when she couldn’t get a refund on her purchase.

The woman was upset because the store allegedly sold her son an outdated, damaged phone for $200 but she returned too late to get her money back. The store has a seven-day return policy but the customer evidently didn’t come back for two weeks.

The clerk apparently previously explained the situation to the woman and her son to no avail. “I showed them everything on the receipt,” he said, but the woman was unsatisfied with the policy. Upon a subsequent visit, she got into a heated argument with the clerk about the disputed transaction and then she set about to trash the store and even allegedly damaged display cases with a knife. The woman felt justified because the store’s unwillingness to provide a refund. The customer told the Detroit ABC News affiliate, “I want you to know there’s a reason why I had to do that. He’s telling me my money is up in the air, I can’t get a refund or another phone.” She wants either a new phone or her cash back.

The clerk filmed the tantrum with his own cell phone, which included the woman mooning the camera.

As the New York Daily News explains, “After [the woman] — angry at the store’s return policy — shrieked at the clerk, knocked downed signs and stabbed display cases, she bent over, hiked up her skirt and started spanking her own booty.”

The woman shouted at the clerk “Take my picture. Take that! You got that? Because I will be back. You got that close up? Cheese!”

The store plans on pressing charges..

About a year ago, a T-Mobile customer in the UK trashed one of the company’s stores because he couldn’t obtain a refund on his cell phone contract rather than the cell phone itself.

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