Judge Joe Brown Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before [Video]

Was Judge Joe Brown guilty of feeling no pain?

In this profanity laced video (warning: adult language), the TV judge — or someone who certainly resembles him — appears to have consumed a few adult beverages. Whether he is drunk or not, he presents a totally different demeanor than what was on display in his courtroom over the years.

In a freewheeling commentary, Brown seems to call his former show bulls***, flirts with some attractive women while taking pictures with them, and brags about the good looks of his 50-year-old wife to prove his is a “player.” Brown also claims that all pretty women — whom he generically characterizes as LTYJ (i.e., luscious, tender, young, and juicy) — are insecure. The judge is apparently a fan of Bombay Sapphire gin.

The footage was apparently shot in a hotel lobby somewhere in Hollywood. The Above the Law website notes that “Hitting the town the other night, Judge Joe Brown allowed himself to be taped in an impromptu interview with other revelers. And what interview is complete without some young hotties draped around the subject?”

CBS canceled Judge Joe Brown’s TV show after 15 years owing to a salary dispute in contract negotiations and declining ratings. Originally from Los Angeles, Brown was a criminal court judge in Shelby County, Tennessee, when he was discovered by the producers behind Judge Judy.

Brown, 66, explained to The Hollywood Reporter that he had a different take on his parting of the ways with CBS: “But Brown says that there was no salary disagreement because he has not gotten a salary for the past seven years. He says that his deal was for a split of revenue with CBS. The problem, he says, came in defining how the money was to be split and how much in fees the distributor would get. ‘Hollywood trick economics and accounting will show something a little less,’ charges Brown, ‘because they take a great deal out of it.’ “

Judge Joe Brown reportedly has a new court show as well as a radio talk show in the works.