Konami Code Sites Reveals Which Pages Respond To The Code

Konami Code sites are websites that respond to the well-known gamer cheat code and reveal tons of fun Easter eggs. Many are sites you use every day like Facebook or Google Reader, but who has time to run through countless pages to see if the code reveals anything?

The kids at Konami Code Sites decided to compile a list of all known pages that respond to the code so you can go explore immediately. You can only access the page with, you guessed it, the Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a). Once you do, the list of sites that hide fun goodies behind the Nintendo god code is revealed, and there are some surprising entries.

At the top of the list is Facebook, which added a Konami Code Easter egg as early as 2009, though it doesn’t seem to work anymore (at least not for me). It added a lens flare effect to the home page (video below).

Most of the sites on the list correspond with geek and/or Internet culture, though slightly more serious sites have also been known to respond to the code.

BBC’s Glow Javascript used to reveal a Doctor Who reference when the code was entered, Marvel Comics’ homepage displayed a squirrel Deadpool, Tweetshare took you directly to the profile of Sam Fisher (of Splinter Cell), and Activate Media played a clip of the “truffle shuffle” from the classic hit The Goonies.

You can check out all of the Konami Code sites here, and you know of one that the list missed, you can submit through Outlook. Have fun!

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