‘Saints Row IV’ Cheat Codes And Easter Eggs Aplenty!

Saints Row IV is over a week away, but we already have cheat codes and Easter Eggs for the game.

Originally planned as DLC for Saints Row: The Third under the name Enter The Dominatrix, Saints Row IV is a game that goes as far as it can to entertain you in every way. Even the early critics have already given it positive reviews, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

You start the game as an unnamed President of the US, elected from the already elevated position with the Third Street Saints, and as you go about your completely unorthodox routine, aliens invade the country and send you into a virtual version of Steelport with super powers. The game seems to go out of its way to make you laugh in unexpected ways, even with a “nude mode” which challenges you to see how many citizens you can creep out before the police taze you.

Now here are the Saints Row IV cheat codes and Easter Eggs you’ve been waiting for, if you didn’t already skip ahead to this part. Just keep in mind that using these cheats will turn off autosaves and achievements unless you load a clean save:

cheese – this code can be used over and over to put $100,000 at a time in your pockets.

evilcars – makes every car around you suddenly try to kill you.

fryhole – all of the dead bodies around you start floating; possibly a reference to Futurama.

goodygoody – removes your notoriety.

hohoho – while not turning you into a jolly old fat guy with a bag of presents, it does turn all of the pedestrians into pimps and hookers.

isquishyou – all cars are now able to drive over other cars like tanks. You can only turn it off by loading a clean save.

letsrock – this code will give you a random list of weapons.

mascot – much like hohoho, but all pedestrians turn into mascots.

runfast – lets you do the super-sprint without costing you Stamina.

vroom – makes any car you drive indestructible.

Here are the Saints Row IV Easter Eggs we know of thus far:

In the Inauguration Station, if you go into the Outfits section of Planet Zin, you’ll find an interesting piece called the Ransom Collector. Star Wars fans will recognize it as the outfit worn by Boba Fett.

In the Let’s Pretend store in southwest Steelport (New Baranec), shoot the sign that says “Employees Only” until it opens. Go down a ways past the door and you’ll find a room full of shooting images featuring the game’s developers. In a chair to the right of the entrance to this room is a small weapon called the Loud Locust. Men In Black fans will recognize it as a reference to the Noisy Cricket, a small gun with a lot of power.

What do you think of these Saints Row IV cheat codes and Easter Eggs?

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