Scud Missiles, Chemical Weapons In Syria Are Saddam’s Missing WMDs From Iraq?

The scud missiles and chemical weapons in Syria are being claimed to be Saddam’s missing WMDs from the Iraq War.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, scud missiles from Syria could rain down on Israel although they have the Iron Dome missile protection system in place. Syria’s chemical weapons are being condemned by President Obama, leading to the possibility of a US strike.

After the end of the Iraq War, Saddam’s missing WMDs were very controversial, leading some to claim President Bush lied about Iraq’s WMDs. Bush had argued Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction might end up in the hands of terrorist groups. Reports from the CIA concluded they found Iraq’s WMD development programs and an unexpected air force buried in the sand, but no large stockpiles of chemical weapons or other WMDs.

At one point, retired Russian spies who had defected to the United States claimed Russian special forces had removed some of Iraq’s WMDs out of the nation before the Coalition invasion. Wikileaks revealed in 2010 that during the occupation of Iraq the military discovered many small caches of chemical weapons. Georges Sada, a former general of Saddam’s air force, claimed Saddam Hussein had secretly moved Iraq’s WMDs over to Syria in three sites. These facilities are now said to be the locations that will be attacked by a US air strike.

Scud missiles are ground-to-ground missiles with a potential range of hundreds of miles. Back in March of 2013, reports from Israel claimed terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra, or al Qaeda in Iraq, were some of the Syrian rebels who seized scud missiles claimed to be manufactured in Iraq:

“What you see here are Syrian long-range missiles that were manufactured in Iraq and brought to Syria. Happily, they are now in our hands.”

The Examiner goes one step further, claiming that Syria’s scud missiles and chemical weapons are Saddam Hussein’s WMDs which went missing from Iraq. They point out that the “two countries were linked by their ruling Baathist parties” and “Syrian-Iraqi [weapons] smuggling was worth more than $3 billion.” But they also point out objections to their theory, which includes the fact that Syria officially sided with the Coalition against Iraq and Saddam Hussein himself did not admit to the Syrian WMDs during interrogation. Still, they believe there is “ample circumstantial evidence to take another look at the Iraqi-Syrian connection.”

What do you think about the theory that the Syrian scud missiles and chemical weapons are Saddam’s missing WMDs from Iraq?

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