8-Year-Old Kills Little Sister During Joyride

An 8-year-old killed his sister when he crashed their mother’s car into a pole. The siblings took the keys and went for a joyride in the middle of the night.

As reported by Fox News, the children’s mother put them to bed at around 9:30 pm on Wednesday night. She went to bed soon after.

The children’s grandmother happened to drive past the home later that night. She realized something was wrong as the front door was left open.

The grandmother went inside and woke up the mother. When they checked on the children, their beds were empty.

The mother searched the entire home, but the children were simply gone. When she realized her car was also missing, she thought someone kidnapped her children and stolen the car.

She immediately called police to report her children missing and the car stolen.

The police received numerous calls about an erratic driver. The car matched the mother’s description. The police assumed the kidnapper was still driving around town with the children.

As the police pulled up to the car, the boy crashed into a pole. When the officers approached the vehicle, they found the siblings alone inside. Both children were still wearing their pajamas.

The children’s mother was walking around the neighborhood, questioning neighbors. She spotted police lights at the end of the street and ran to the site of the crash.

As reported by CBS News, both children were injured in the impact. However, her daughter’s injuries were critical.

The siblings were taken to the hospital for treatment. The boy was hospitalized with minor injuries. However, the little girl could not be saved. The 8-year-old killed his sister in the crash.

Sargent Steve Martos said that the accident was “an unfortunate tragedy.” Nobody can understand what prompted the 8-year-old to take his sister for a joyride in the middle of the night. The mother thought both children were asleep when she went to bed.

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