Edward Snowden’s Defense Fund Receives Bitcoins Windfall

NSA Leaker Edward Snowden’s defense fund has received donations in the form of Bitcoins, and it’s no small chunk of change. Over the last two weeks, anonymous donations have arrived in the form of $12,000 in Bitcoins.

The former National Security Agency contractor was working a six figure salary in Hawaii before he leaked NSA documents and fled the country, only to end up living in a Russian airport.

With asylum in Russia and espionage charges at home, a legal defense fund was launched by WikiLeaks. The WikiLeaks fund has raised $16,000 and $12,740 from that money has arrived by way of Bitcoins.

A single Bitcoin is worth around $130 on the MT. Gox exchange.

When all is said and done, 105 Bitcoins have been received from 144 donors. According to WikiLeaks, the single biggest donation was 25 Bitcoins or the equivalent of $2,908.

It should be noted that donations can also arrive in the form or partial Bitcoins. For example, someone could donate $10 which would equate to 1/13th of a Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin donation platform may be so popular because it allows users to remain anonymous without fearing any repercussions for their actions.

Not everyone is using Bitcoin in secret. Several people who donated took to BitCoinTalk.org to admit their donations towards Edward Snowden’s defense fund. Several individuals called Snowden an American hero.

WikiLeaks knows the power of the Bitcoin. Over the last year, the WikiLeaks Bitcoin wallet has received 3,791 Bitcoins valued at $450,800. According to the Daily Dot, WikiLeaks has benefited by a 1,894 percent increase in donations since founder Julian Assange vowed to help Edward Snowden.

Do you think Bitcoins are the future of anonymous donations?

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