Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx: Dancing Doesn’t Mean Dating

Celebrity dating rumors are pretty easy to manufacture. All you need to do is get a photo of two celebrities within close proximity of each other and then, you know, speculate. When Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were spotted dancing at a party earlier this week the internet exploded with rumors that they were dating.

But they aren’t dating. They were just dancing.

Katie Holmes’ love life has been in the tabloids ever since she filed for divorce from Tom Cruise. Since the start of this year, the actress has been linked to Jake Gyllenhaal, a mystery basketball player, and her co-star Luke Kirby.

But none of those rumors are true.

A rep for the actress said: “They’re not dating. They’ve been friends for years.”

In addition to Jamie Foxx, Holmes was also spotted with people like Colin Powell and Lenny Kravitz at the Hampton’s event. So where are the rumors that Holmes is hooking up with Eagle Eye Cherry? Well, Holmes and Kravitz wouldn’t make for great tabloid fodder.

You see, Jamie Foxx is good friends with Tom Cruise (they starred together in the movie Collateral). So a rumor about Katie Holmes and Jamie Fox dating brings up story lines like revenge, and spite, and a possible affair. And that, of course, is what really sells tabloids.