Kim Jong-Un Lover Executed By Firing Squad For Sex Tape That May Not Exist [Report]

Kim Jong-Un lover Hyon Song-Wol has reportedly been executed by a public firing squad, along with 11 other victims.

South Korean news source The Chosun Ilbo reported that members of the Unhasu Orchestra and performers with the Wangjaesan Light Music Band were rounded up on August 17. Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble singer Hyon Song-Wol, orchestra head Mun Kyong-jin, and other singers, dancers, and musicians were accused of violating North Korea’s very strict anti-pornography laws.

They were charged with making sex tapes that went on sale in China. As a result, they were executed by a firing squad on August 20.

The report claimed that the family members were forced to watch the executions and then sent to prison camps.

Considering that Kim Jong-Un’s former lover was known for making light pop and propaganda songs, it’s difficult to believe that the charges are true. You are welcome to hit that button up top to view one of her music videos, popularly known as “Excellent Horse-Like Lady” in English.

A couple of other stories are flying around. One theory is that some of the musicians also had Bibles, causing them to be viewed as political dissidents.

Another widely repeated story is that Kim’s wife Ri Sol-ju could have had a hand in eliminating her rival. According to The Telegraph and some other media sources, it’s thought that Kim Jong-Un met Hyon Song-Wol a decade ago.

His father Kim Jong-Il supposedly ordered them to end their relationship. But rumors of an affair persisted, even after Kim Jong-Un met his wife — who was also a member of the Unhasu Orchestra before they married.

If his wife used her position to eliminate a romantic rival, the execution of Kim Jong-Un’s ex-lover along with many other former associates suggests that North Korean politics continues to be mired in corruption.

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