Our New Monopoly Token Will Never Be As Awesome As The Thimble

The new Monopoly token, chosen after a crowdsourced contest by Hasbro, hits meatspace gaming this week — but the internet will be there.

Yes, the new Monopoly token (replacing the not as popular iron after decades of late-night fights over the board game) is finally here. And while traditional Monopoly is still an in person, no wifi required deal, the internet had its sticky little paws all over this choice.

Anyone who plays Monopoly — which is basically all of America when the conditions are right and you have ten hours and nothing else to do or the power went out — has a favorite token. (As the title suggests, reach for the thimble and I will end you or bite your hand.)

So roughly a seventh of American Monopoly players will have to decide if the new Monopoly token could ease the pain of losing their beloved iron, perhaps to some a good luck charm or simply a favored bit of the game.

Hasbro SVP of Gaming Eric Nyman admits the loss of the iron is a sad one, even if maybe he was fond of the car. But he thinks the new Monopoly token will more than make up for the big change to playing pieces:

“While we’re a bit sad to see the iron go, the cat token is a fantastic choice by the fans and we have no doubt it will become just as iconic as the original tokens.”

Yes, Monopoly fans have been touched by the internet of cats — as voters overwhelmingly chose the feline likeness as the new Monopoly token.

Nyman adds:

“We know that cat lovers around the world will be happy to welcome the new cat token into the Monopoly game.”

While the new Monopoly token is sure to appeal to both new, connected Monopoly fans and older ones who love cats, the iron was one of the first pieces introduced along with the game back when it was a new thing. However, a lantern, a purse, a rocking horse, a cannon and a sack of money all used to be playing tokens before they were replaced.

The new Monopoly token has already started shipping in freshly boxed versions of the game, so collectors might want to pick up editions with the iron while they still can. As for retirement? Touch my thimble, Hasbro, and there will be words. Words!

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