New Monopoly Token, A Cat, Officially Joins The Game

Goodbye iron, hello kitty. A new Monopoly token has officially joined the game.

Hasbro held a contest a few months ago to see which Monopoly piece should get the boot (it wasn’t the boot) and which token should be added to the game. The people voted and the people chose a cat.

According to Yahoo News, Hasbro has started shipping out new sets of Monopoly with a cat token instead of the classic iron.

Eric Nyman, senior vice president and global brand leader for Hasbro Gaming, said: “We know that cat lovers around the world will be happy to welcome the new cat token into the Monopoly game.”

Cat fans may be happy with the new Monopoly token but iron fans were devastated. The iron was one of the original Monopoly tokens when the game made its debut over 75 years ago.

Nyman added: “While we’re a bit sad to see the iron go, the cat token is a fantastic choice by the fans and we have no doubt it will become just as iconic as the original tokens.”

The new Monopoly token is bound to cause some controversy among game purist but Plugged In notes that Hasbro has gotten away with changing up the pieces in the past. In addition to the iron, Hasbro has retired tokens like a lantern, a purse, a rocking horse, a cannon and a sack of money

What do you think of the new Monopoly token?

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