Electronic Arts Not Favoring Microsoft Over Sony, They Claim

Electronic Arts claims they aren’t favoring Microsoft over Sony.

Recent trends for current and next generation games seem to indicate games publisher EA favoring Microsoft a bit. For one, their killer IP Titanfall, a huge game on most gamers’ calendars, has been made exclusive to Microsoft’s consoles and PC. PS3 and PS4 owners won’t be getting it, but neither will Nintendo’s consoles, just to be fair. Another interesting fact is that FIFA 14, Electronic Arts’ football (outside the US) title is being bundled with pre-orders of the Xbox One in Europe.

From an outside perspective, you would think there was some kind of anti-Sony conspiracy going on at EA. Peter Moore of Electronic Arts tells us this isn’t true. Microsoft has simply been more aggressive with them, “We have relationships with both companies that go back many many years, so I think that what you saw yesterday was, just from a phasing perspective, you saw a little bit more of the Microsoft stuff. We have a lot of partnership opportunities with Sony, with the PlayStation 4, which we have done for many many years, that maybe we should start talking more about.”

Peter Moore goes on to explain that Microsoft felt the need, especially in Europe, to catch up with the PlayStation brand. Since they are unwilling to sell the Xbox One without the Kinect for a discounted price, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, Microsoft was looking for ways to justify spending the extra hundred dollars or so on their next generation console. Plus, the sport represented in FIFA 14 is more popular in Europe, so it seemed a fitting bundle title.

Electronic Arts head Peter Moore also says that there are a lot of expectations for gamers everywhere to upgrade to the next generation consoles, but few actually will. This is mostly due to the fact that gamers generally don’t see much of a reason to care about the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 while the console they have plays the games they want.

In the end, Electronic Arts isn’t really favoring anybody in this console war. Microsoft has simply been more aggressive in getting exclusives in order to compete with PS4.