Mormon pole dancers petition for Olympic recognition

A number of Mormons in the good state of Utah are collecting signatures to have pole dancing fitness included in the 2012 Olympics as an official “sport”. They want to call it “vertical dancing”.

Don’t believe me check out the video, it’s gold.

So pole “fitness” isn’t really pole “dancing” – and those hooker shoes well they are just to give her calf muscles a work out. We won’t judge, that’s between you and God, honey.

If you want to sign the petition to have pole dancing included in the Olympics you can check out the petition here. You know you want to, it will be like gynamstics but post puberty.

We at the Inquisitr say support these proud LDS women, and their pole dancing ways, but only if they promise that their official uniform will include nipple tassels in their national colors.

Via Sporty Celebrity Blog

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