Charlie Sheen Could Earn $150 Million From ‘Anger Management’ Deal

Charlie Sheen could earn upwards of $150 Million once Anger Management is eligible for syndication.

The former Two and a Half Men star just wrapped the 50th episode of this half-hour FX comedy. Once the show cross the 100-episode mark, FX can sell it to television stations for a tidy sum. This is where the actor stands to make his money.

Although Charlie Sheen could make around $150 million from syndication deals, this is pretty much a ballpark estimate. According to TMZ, he’ll likely earn quite a bit more from this arrangement.

However, the Hot Shots star hasn’t earned his hefty paycheck just yet. Sheen won’t shoot the 100th episode of Anger Management until October of next year. Should something go incredibly sour between now and then, that $150 million could vanish down the proverbial drain.

Worst Previews points out that Charlie Sheen’s staggering payday is the biggest he’s ever received. This includes his stint on the CBS sitcom. At the time of his breakdown, Sheen was making approximately $2 million per episode.

Anger Management producers are certainly hoping that Selma Blair’s very public departure from the series won’t have an effect on viewership. The actress famously clashed with Sheen, a confrontation that resulted in Blair’s exit.

To fill the void, producers hired Tony Award nominee Lauren Bell Bundy to portray Dr. Jordan Denby on the comedy. Her character was previously described by The Wrap as a “brilliant psychologist whose recent divorce, fondness for alcohol and wild mood swings turn Charlie’s life into an emotional roller coaster.”

Former 90210 star Brian Austin Green was also recently added as a regular cast member on Anger Management. Green previously appeared in a handful of episodes, though his character will now have a much more prominent role in the story.

What do you think about Charlie Sheen’s potential $150 million payday from Anger Management? Do you think the series will make it to the 100th episode?

[Image via FX]