Nexus 4 Price Slashed By $100, Still No LTE

The Nexus 4 smartphone’s price was slashed by $100, though it may not make the phone sell any better. The price for an 8 GB version is now $200 and the 16 GB is $250, both without a contract.

Google’s Nexus 4 already made an impression when it came out last fall, partially for its low price and partially because it didn’t require a two-year contract.

Buying an unlocked phone means it can be taken to certain US wireless carriers to use on their network without having to be locked into a contract with them. Time reports that some wireless carriers, like T-Mobile, allow outside phones.

While spending $200 of $250 on the Nexus 4 may seem like a lot outright, consider that many of the smartphones offered with contract requirements actually cost $400 or more if they were to be purchased outright. Google’s smartphone is well-built and includes the latest version of the company’s Android operating system, making it a decent purchase.

But while the price may be good, the phone may not be all you are looking for. The Los Angeles Times notes that the Nexus 4 is missing one thing — 4G LTE access. LTE, short for long-term evolution, is the fastest data network currently available to US consumers.

While it is only available in some areas of the country right now, wireless carriers are working to expand the LTE network all the time. To compete, the iPhone 5, Galaxy S 4, and HTC One all offer 4G LTE. So, while Google’s smartphone has a comparable price without a contract to what those phones have with one, it may be good to hold out a little longer.

It is also likely, given that Google slashed the Nexus 4’s price, that it is getting ready to launch a new smartphone in the next few months. Companies, like Apple, often cut the prices on their current phones right before they launch a new one.

If Google decides to follow the same timetable as it did last year, the Nexus 4’s successor can be expected by November.

[Image by Arek Olek via WIkimedia Commons]