Youngest TCU Freshman: 11-Year-Old Carson Huey-You Is Going To College

Carson Huey-You is 11-years-old. He’s also a freshman at TCU.

WFAA reports that Huey-You was accepted to TCU when he was 10 and is the youngest person to attend the school in history. If Huey-You stays on track, he could grab his undergraduate degree before he can drive and his PhD before he can legally have his first beer.

Huey-You said: “I really, really, like school.”

The Huffington Post notes that Huey-You will be majoring in quantum physics. He’ll also be taking calculus, physics, history and religion during his first semester at TCU.

The 11-year-old was placed in the 8th grade at the age of five so he’s pretty used to being the youngest person in class. Still, going to college at age 11 is pretty incredible.

His mother, Claretta, said that Huey-You won’t be staying in the dorms or joining a fraternity but he will be attending classes with some students who are more than twice his age.

Claretta said: “It’s not like I’m leaving him here to stay in dorms and join a fraternity.”

Dr. Magnus Rigby, an associate dean and physics professor in astronomy, said that some people were worried about the 11-year-old attending college. Huey-You may seem a little out of place but Rigby is confident that the young man will do well in his new environment.

Rigby said: “When people worried about him going to college at this age, my response is, ‘What else would he do?’ I think students will learn from him. If an 11-year-old can stand up in the classroom and voice his opinion about things, maybe that will encourage them to do the same thing.”

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