Ben Affleck Training For Batman, What His Regimen Might Look Like

Patricia Didelot - Author

Aug. 28 2013, Updated 7:46 a.m. ET

Now that the dust is settled, well, a little at least, Ben Affleck’s training for Batman can begin. It has actually already started, according to reports that the actor is working out two hours a day to prepare for the role.

But if he wants to impress as the Dark Knight and especially silence the naysayers, he is going to really have to get at it like Henry Cavill did.

Henry transformed his body from lean and mean, after he was done with filming Immortals, for which he had to get an eight pack, to getting ready to bulk up for Man Of Steel.

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To help him with this process, Zack Snyder brought in trainer Mark Twight, with whom he worked in 300. Twight supervised Henry’s every move during the movie’s filming to make sure he looked the same from beginning to end, not an easy feat according to the trainer.

It is unclear at this time if Snyder is bringing in Twight for Ben Affleck’s training, but it would make sense to do so after the success he had with getting Henry Cavill ripped.

In an interview which was published on the website in June, Twight talks at length about what it was like to transform Henry Cavill to play Superman. Ben Affleck’s workout might look like this.

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Soldier of Steel, Henry Cavill workout for Man Of Steel

By all accounts Henry undertook a brutal exercise and diet regimen to get ready for his role. Even working out with the National Guard.

On a 12-16 hour work day, the trainer needs to find time to train the actors. The main aspect is diet control, because without the appropriate diet for what they want to achieve training won’t matter according to Twight.

“A basic multivitamin, a lot of essential fatty acids—he was going through the Udo’s Oil in liter volume—a probiotic to help digest that fat intake that he had, and magnesium… He would drink a product called Calm at night to coast into sleep.”

Ben Affleck’s training will include some weight gain, most likely. For Henry, Twight says the caloric intake was “excessive”. Which included adding protein powder in his post-workout shakes, but most of the calories came from “coconut milk, heavy cream, yogurt, fruit, and stuff like that.”

Twight says he worked with Henry Cavill for 11 months. The challenge is to fit the exercise program into the jam packed work day the actors have during a shoot while at the same time trying to keep they guys sane.

“Working with Henry brought a lot of bodybuilding load, set, rest, and rep structures into the training, especially during the bulking period, because that’s what was needed.”

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Ben Affleck’s training could look different than what Henry went through, but the objective is the same, to make him look big.

Henry Cavill as Superman

“Henry became physically incredible. I mean, some of the numbers he put up, especially for a guy whose full-time job is being in front of the camera, were shocking. But because he physically overcame these incredible challenges, and he changed his body composition of his own will, it changed Henry’s attitude and his bearing.”

So if Batman is going to kick Superman’s ass it needs to look believable, especially with all the flack Affleck is getting after the now infamous announcement of his casting. Can he keep up? We just have to wait and see.

Whether Mark Twight is in charge of Ben Affleck’s training it remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure, it won’t be fun to get ripped to play Batman. Stay tuned.

Henry Cavill as Superman

[Images courtesy of Warner Bros.]


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