Kristin Chenoweth Duets With Teacher For A Magical Moment [Video]

At this point any fan’s natural dream would be to have a duet with their favorite musician. Well, Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth made that dream come true for one lucky audience member. The only catch is that said audience member was able to go note for note with Chenoweth, which surprised everyone, including Ms. Wicked herself.

The performance happened during Chenoweth’s show at the Hollywood Bowl this past Saturday. The Wicked star had the opportunity to bring a fan up on the stage, as she usually does, for a duet of “For Good.” As expected, the fan, Sarah Horn, fan girled for a few seconds once she was brought up on stage.

From there she revealed that she was a vocal coach, which delighted the audience, as well as Chenoweth, who reached out to hug the Californian vocal teacher. Even though Horn said she was a vocal teacher, we were still a bit weary given the fact that there’s been a ton of contestants on American Idol that admit to being a vocal teacher, and then they turn out to be just as tone-deaf as the next.

All of our pessimistic thoughts were quickly dashed away when Sarah Horn started to sing her part as Elphaba in the duet. It’s also obvious from Chenoweth’s reaction that she severely underestimated the vocal teacher. Horn was so good that people started to assume she was a plant in the audience.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Horn denies being a plant in the audience. Since her rendition with Chenoweth, the video has attracted more than 2 million hits in three days. That’s pretty impressive if you ask us!

Kristin Chenoweth isn’t the only star to bring up people from the audience. Opera singer Josh Groban has done the same, as well as John Mayer, and Keyshia Cole.

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