Kristin Chenoweth Skewers Weiner In Song [Video]

Broadway diva Kristin Chenoweth is the latest to weigh in on the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal (this one, not the last one), via a song parody on last night’s Tonight Show.

Kristin Chenoweth did a naughty version of the Broadway tune “Popular” from the show Wicked, in which the star has famously headlined.

Singing to Weiner that if he wants to be the mayor, he has to stop being a “big old bore,” Chenoweth adds:

“You will be popular, the right kind of popular… I’ll teach you to zip your fly… You won’t be that guy with a camera down his pants.”

Referencing a “chatroom chubby,” the blonde songstress adds:

“I’ll teach you what tweets to tweet, something clean and sweet… ”

Chenoweth also croons about his “porno popularity,” and addresses the mayoral hopeful as “Carlos Danger,” as she sings:

“Become a monk, though they’ve seen your junk… Now you’ll play a different show… let’s start ’cause you’ve got an awfully long way to go. (Long? Well…)”

Broadway aside, Kristin Chenoweth has also guest starred on CBS’ The Good Wife. Inspired by political sex scandals like Anthony Weiner’s Carlos Danger debacle, the show stars ER’s Julianna Margulies, who also commented on the sexting brouhaha:

“It is the gift that just keeps on giving… It is shocking that in our fifth season, this show is more relevant than ever. It’s amazing that my character is a character that women are looking to for [an] answer as to how she feels about it.”

Watch above as Kristin Chenoweth teases Anthony Weiner via the re-written “Popular” from Wicked.

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