Kelly Cottle: Piggyback Photo Goes Viral

Kelly Cottle was photographed giving her husband a piggyback, and the photo has gone viral, attracting thousands of shares on the internet.

Jesse Cottle, Kelly’s husband, lost both his legs while on duty in Afghanistan. The marine, who left the army in 2009 following the accident, was dismantling an explosive device – apparently planted by Taliban forces – when the device exploded. This left him a double amputee.

The Daily Mail reports that Jesse spoke about the ordeal of losing his legs:

“It was tough and it is tough in general, but I just kind of always had the attitude that it’s really tough now but things will just be okay, and I had my family around me I had good friends and basically just my faith really helped me to carry me through,” he continued, “I was lucky to be able to go through the tough recovery, and then still live my life, and meet my beautiful wife.”‘

Kelly Cottle met her husband on a swim meet. In spite of the fact that he was a double amputee she said she was “intrigued” by Jesse: “I just remember being very intrigued by him. He was just very different and not just because of his legs, just who he was.”

The photo, which was shared by thousands across the web and via Facebook, was taken spontaneously. Kelly said: “It was a normal photo-shoot, we finally got together and Jessie had his prosthetic legs on and everything.”

Photographer Sarah Ledford told the family to enter the water nearby for a family portrait. Kelly said: “So we said ‘well, you can just pop off your legs and get on one of our backs and we’ll take you in… cause that’s just how we get around sometimes, like at the beach,” continuing: “It’s just pretty normal, so he hopped back on my back and then Sarah’s like ‘oh, we’ll take some couples shots.’ ”

The touching photo of Kelly Cottle carrying her husband Jesse on her back is a special one and will surely enjoy many more thousands, if not millions, of shares and likes.

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