LaCie “Tank” Hard Drive Case Debuts In UK

LaCie on Tuesday debuted the LaCie Tank, a Neil Pouton designed 2.5-inch case for hard drives, Nintendo hand-held devices and digital cameras.

The case, as the name suggests, looks like the treads on an actual tank and like a tank it’s shock and drop resistant to meet military standards. The case is also IP-63 certified (dust and rain proof) and it’s made out of polypropylene and rubber with customizable foam inserts inside.

The case, with all it’s ruggedness is also only nine ounces and comes in at a size of just 1″ x 4.2″ x 6″ all around.

Available for £20 (US $31.50) in the UK it’s a rather cheap price to pay for the time of protection it offers, in fact LaCie calls it, “our strongest casing solution ever.”

No word from LaCie at this time about the availability of the case in other countries. [via Electronista]