Car crash kills man, wife wanders off into ether

This is weird and kind of Twilight Zone-esque.

An Illinois couple were driving home from a Christmas party late Saturday night when their car crashed. The husband, Dale, suffered a broken back in the crash and died at the scene. His wife, Tanya Shannon? She has not been seen since. Despite a massive search effort and sub-zero temperatures, the only clues to Shannon’s whereabouts are a trail of footprints leading from the passenger side of the car to the side of the road, where they abruptly end.

Local Sheriff Tom Templeton tells press the case is the strangest he’s encountered in 12 years, and adds that it is highly unlikely that Shannon could survive had she been exposed to the elementssince the crash:

“We have to make a decision,” Templeton said. “We can’t keep these people out there going over the same ground over and over again…Anything that’s even remotely close has been gone over several times… We were told from the family she was an extremely loving mother… For her to (just leave with no warning) would be incredibly out of character. To be out in the elements as they were that night, dressed only as she was, it’s very doubtful that you can survive terribly long.”

Templeton also posited that Shannon had been “picked up” by a driver, floating the rather frightening proposition she is being or was held against her will, as it stands to reason local emergency medical facilities have been checked for patients matching Tanya Shannon’s description.


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