Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Allegedly Choked, Urinated On Domestic Violence Victim

Jason “Mayhem” Miller was arraigned in Orange County, California, Monday on charges of domestic violence.

The MMA veteran was arrested for corporal injury of spouse last Thursday, just over a week after he was released from jail on the same charge. He was held on $50,000 bail.

Miller was previously arrested on August 11. The victim called police the day before and said she had been a victim of domestic violence on August 3. She said she and Miller had gotten into an argument over a text message she found on his phone. Miller was released the morning of August 12 after posting a $50,000 bond.

A reporter for MMA website Sci Fighting attended the arraignment, and said that Miller told his defense attorney that it was “imperative” that he get out jail Monday night.

The victim, identified as Ana Pricilla to the court (but known as Anna Stable to Miller), said she was urinated on and choked until she fell on the floor. Miller then punched and kicked her. Miller’s attorney said Pricilla was asked to leave the house, and Miller’s father saw her attacking his son.

The prosecution asked the judge to take Pricilla’s bruises and lacerations into account, and the defense said, “The victim trains (in) MMA” and would probably have the injuries anyway. Instead of going to the hospital, the victim spent the night at Miller’s house and didn’t report the incident until weeks later. It was noted that Miller has a restraining order against Pricilla, as do several ex-boyfriends.

Miller also made threatening tweets, which the defense said could be directed at anyone. However, the judge said the tweets deemed Miller a threat to society, to which Miller responded, “Judge, I am an artist!” Miller’s bail was reset to $100,000 after the charges from his two domestic violence arrests were combined into one case.

Jason Miller is scheduled to appear in court Friday, August 30, for his pre-trial. His preliminary hearing is set for September 9.