Fan Made Batfleck Trailer May Silence Haters [Video]

While we haven’t seen Ben Affleck in his bat suit just yet, fans across the tnternet have raked Affleck over hot coals for taking the role that will see him as Batman in several films. If you’ve been living under a rock, you may not know that the Academy Award winning filmmaker is currently signed up to play Batman in the new Man of Steel sequel Superman Vs. Batman. Now that the shock is over, we can present this truly awesome fan made trailer for the upcoming film.

With exciting rumors that Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston may take on the role of Lex Luthor, one fan decided to combine various scenes from different films, including Cranston’s Breaking Bad series, and created a fantastic mash-up of what the Superman Vs Batman trailer may look like when it’s released sometime in 2014.

Although the trailer may seem a bit silly to some, it seems like a pretty nice response to all the unfunny Batfleck memes that have been floating around the internet.

Since Affleck’s announcement, it has been reported that the actor/filmmaker agreed to take on the role, if Warner Bros. let him give creative input on the project. Apparently Warner Bros was just fine with that, and it doesn’t come as a huge surprise considering they approached Affleck to direct Man of Steel before approaching Zach Snyder.

One person that seems to be on board with the idea of Ben Affleck as Batman is filmmaker Joss Whedon, who has gained much acclaim in the comic world as he brought Marvel back to life with The Avengers film.

As far as other casting choices, Henry Cavill is set to reprise his role as Superman. A name on the short list for Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s surrogate daddy, and butler, is James Bond himself, Mr. Timothy Dalton. Sounds like a pretty good fit to us.

As for Affleck, if you haven’t warmed up to the news yet, then check out the aforementioned fan-made trailer.

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