‘Man Of Steel 2’: Timothy Dalton Is Being Considered By Zack Snyder, Report

After the news heard ’round the world, that Ben Affleck is our next Batman, it appears that Zack Snyder is ready to move on with the casting of other characters. Timothy Dalton is the newest actor to reportedly get the director’s attention.

Cosmicbook.com who has proven a solid source of inside information concerning Man Of Steel is reporting that Snyder is considering the former James Bond as a possible Alfred Pennyworth.

Alfred is a character who appears across the DC world as Batman/Bruce Wayne’s efficient valet.

So what is for sure so far?

We know that Henry Cavill will return to play Superman/Clark Kent, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White will also reprise their roles. Of course Ben Affleck will play Batman/Bruce Wayne.

It is also reported that Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston will indeed play villain Lex Luthor. So far, if Timothy Dalton is being considered for sure, Man Of Steel 2 has an impressive cast, including Oscar winner Affleck.

Let’s see if Cosmicbook’s source is once again right about the Dalton report, nothing official at this point.

Timothy Dalton as James Bond

Zack Snyder has not announced a name for the Man Of Steel sequel, which is also known as Superman/Batman. It is unclear if the two superheroes will fight together or kick each other’s butts.

Cosmic Book News also reported that Affleck has signed on for up to 13 appearances as Batman and could direct the much talked about Justice League film.

The site also adds that Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer have specific ideas of who they want to cast in the major roles and how they would move forward in any sequel or the Justice League movie.

Ben Affleck and Bryan Cranston worked together previously, on Affleck’s award winning drama Argo.

We will have to wait and see if Zack Snyder ends up casting Timothy Dalton to play Alfred in Man Of Steel 2. However, these are some reliable sources.

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