Henry Cavill Tops List Of Famous Men Most Women Want To Vacation With [Photos]

British actor Henry Cavill is the famous man most British women want to “holiday” with (or vacation as we call it in the US) in the UK according to a recent poll.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows anything about British actors. Henry flew into millions of women’s consciousness when he played the ultimate romantic superhero, Superman in Man Of Steel earlier this summer.

Now he is definitely on the fairer sex’s radar as one of the hottest actors, not only in England, but elsewhere.

With his dark locks, stunning blue eyes, hot body, kid-like facial expressions, and a certain kind of earnestness, which makes him irresistible to millions, it’s no wonder.

His star has certainly become brighter this year. His name is not so obscure anymore. Thousands upon thousands showed up at press junkets and red carpets around the world, for premieres of Man Of Steel to get a glimpse at the stunning Brit.

Henry Cavill, 30, won the Latedeals.co.uk poll hands down with 43 percent of the votes, footballer David Beckham, 38, was a close second with 42 percent, a valiant effort for the older man.

Scot hunk Gerard Butler, 43, rounded up the top three with a respectable 33 percent of the ladies choosing him. One thousand women were polled.

Henry is currently getting ready to start shooting The Man From U.N.C.L.E. alongside Armie Hammer. Filming is scheduled to start next month.

This is the list of the top 10 men women in England would love to go on vacation.

1. Henry Cavill (Actor)

2. David Beckham (Soccer player)

3. Gerard Butler (Actor)

4. Ryan Gosling (Actor)

5. Tom Daley (Diver)

6. Harry Styles (Musician)

7. Prince Harry (Royal)

8. Daniel Craig (Actor)

9. Robert Pattinson (Actor)

10. Will.i.am (Musician)

This is the list according to Late Deals.

We submit these other gentlemen for your consideration, they didn’t make the list, but we think many women would love to vacation with them.

Luke Evans (Actor)

David Gandy (Model)

Richard Armitage (Actor)

Bradley Cooper (Actor)

The Brits seem to have the lead, with Henry Cavill on top of the list, when it comes to who women want to spend holiday (vacation) with. If they could.

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