Henry Cavill Is ‘More Than Excited’ To Work With Ben Affleck

The answer to the question many were wondering came today. What does Henry Cavill think of Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman and working with him? He is “more than excited”.

Henry was at a rugby match on Saturday and a fan who happened to be there and was bold enough to ask got the answer to this most important question.

This is not really a surprise. Who wouldn’t be excited to work with an Oscar winner?

Ben Affleck is coming from a high, after his film, Argo, won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2012, but he was in for a rude awakening after the announcement that he would be playing Batman in the Man Of Steel sequel was received with heavy opposition.

A firestorm ensued after Warner Bros. said officially, via press release, that Affleck had been selected to play opposite Henry Cavill’s Superman, as Batman.

At the rugby match, Kevin Pamplin, a BBC presenter asked Henry Cavill the question many were wondering about, what are his thoughts on Ben Affleck’s selection as the dark knight, and some other things.

According to Pamplin, Henry, very politely said that he is “more than excited” to be working with Ben.

“Henry Cavill seen here tells me that he is ‘more than excited’ working with Ben Affleck the new Batman,” Pamplin said. Kevin also was kind enough to share a picture of his meeting with Superman looking as gracious as ever while posing for fans.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Pamplin/Twitter

Henry Cavill returns to his role as Supeman/Clark Kent in the sequel to Man Of Steel which remains untitled. Maybe that announcement will come next.

Joining them to reprise their roles in the Zack Snyder production are Amy Adams who plays Lois Lane, Diane Lane in the role of Clark’s mother Martha Kent, and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White.

It will be interesting to see how Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck work together in the Man Of Steel sequel.

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