‘Grand Theft Auto V’: Sony’s PS4 Tweet Was A Typo, Says Rockstar

Rockstar said that Sony’s Grand Theft Auto V tweet about PS4 was a typo.

Earlier today, Sony tweeted a message announcing “GTA V is going to be amazing, especially on the PS4,” stirring up a huge rumor that the open-world killer IP title was going to be made into a next-generation title.

Where the statement originally came from was a tweet from a fan who we shall call Norman, who speculated that the game would be awesome if it were on the console. He said in a statement directed at Sony UK, “GTAV on a PS4 now that be gaming at the best.”

Sony UK promptly retweeted the statement and then responded with the above statement.

Kotaku reached out to Rockstar, who pointed out that Sony’s response was a typo, and Sony said what they did in error. They quickly pointed out that Sony UK’s Twitter account is not directly related to the company behind the PlayStation 4, and the statement was in ignorance.

After the previous leak of Grand Theft Auto V files by accident on the PS3 ahead of time, Sony has certainly had a busy week, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Sony later apologized for the leaked files, which were the result of an apparent hack, and ended up with spoilers and music playlists hitting the internet.

Sony, however, has not responded to the inquiry, which could mean that Rockstar isn’t telling us everything and there is indeed a PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V on its way. It could also mean that Sony is simply too busy preparing for the launch of the console to respond to Twitter rumors and shoot down the ones made in error.

Grand Theft Auto V is a big game in any case, and any info the internet can get its sweaty paws on gets gobbled up faster than a plate of hot bacon.

As of now, Rockstar has not announced any plans for Grand Theft Auto V to be released for the PS4.

[Update] Sony has also confirmed that the tweet was a typo, according to VG247.