Alec Baldwin Fights With Paparazzi Photographer, Again

Alec Baldwin got into another fight with a paparazzi photographer today.

According to the NY Daily News, Baldwin was walking with his wife, Hilaria, when he noticed a photographer taking their picture. That didn’t sit well with Baldwin.

The actor, who has had plenty of run-ins with the paparazzi in the past, got into a scuffle with the photographer and ended up pinning him against the back of a car.

A friend of the actor’s told TMZ that Baldwin and Hilaria, who recently welcomed a baby girl into the world, were trying to shake the photographer while walking down the street. The photographer wouldn’t leave them alone and eventually the actor decided to confront the man.

The friend said: “What kind of sick twisted psychopath chases a woman who just got out of the hospital from having a baby into a tea store?”

The photographer, of course, had a different story. The photographer told TMZ: “All I can say is I was doing my job asking him normal questions and he flipped. That’s all.”

A spokesman for the actor said that “no punches were thrown” during the incident and that Baldwin was merely trying to defend himself.

The NYPD arrived on the scene and talked to both Baldwin and the photographer. Both men decided to walk away from the situation and neither of them will press charges.

The NYPD spokesperson said: “There was a scuffle– pushing and shoving– between two individuals, and the two individuals refused to press charges on each other.”

Are you surprised that Alec Baldwin had another scuffle with a photographer? Who do you think is at fault?

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