October 25, 2017
Matthew McConaughey Battles AIDS In 'Dallas Buyers Club' Trailer [Video]

It's been weeks of writing about Matthew McConaughey's Oscar vehicle The Dallas Buyers Club, and now we finally have a first look at the trailer.

The Dallas Buyers Club is Focus Features' flick that's inspired by the true events of Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey), who is a drug addicted, reckless, homophobic womanizer. Taking place during the 1985 AIDS epidemic, Woodroof contracts AIDS, and starts a drug smuggling and buyers club out of frustration with the lack of medical advancements in the United States.

Woodroof is in complete denial about having 30 days to live, and despite the advice from his doctor, Eve Saks (Jennifer Garner), he goes an alternative route after his ATZ medication almost kills him. From there he meets an HIV positive transsexual woman, Rayon (Jared Leto), and the two create the Dallas Buyers Club. The club ensures members with non-toxic antiviral medication that is currently illegal in the United States.

From synopsis write ups to the shocking weight-loss photos that followed, and now with a first look at the trailer, The Dallas Buyers Club is an amazing sell for Oscar season. It's jarring, political, relevant, and the true events bit is sure to make voters go nuts come awards season. Not to mention there are many performances that are being highlighted, as it's said that McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, and Jared Leto truly give it their all.

One thing the trailer has going for it, is that there's a bit of humor. It doesn't try to over sell itself as a film soaked in overwrought dramatics, as some often do during awards season. It's grounded in some humor, but still allows for true dramatic moments to shine through given its subject matter.

As previously reported, it seems like Focus Features really wants the Dallas Buyers Club to be right in the middle of awards season as the release date has been moved up from December 6 to November 1. The film makes its premiere early next month at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Dallas Buyers Club