Chris Kirkpatrick Says 'N Sync Reunion Reveals They're Still Sick Of Boy Banding

Chris Kirkpatrick didn't get as much attention ahead of Sunday's much ballyhooed 'N Sync reunion as his bandmates Justin Timberlake and Joey Fatone, but the fellow boy band member is reflecting on the VMAs "surprise" performance.

After Chris Kirkpatrick and his former pop-star bros got the band back together at the awards show, the 'N Sync star spoke about how he felt putting on his early aughties pants and doing the boy band thing again.

Chris is now 41, well past the age of singing about girls and malls, and the singer says that reuniting for a short greatest hits medley with JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, and Lance Bass brought it all back... like, all of it.

Kirkpatrick mused:

"It was funny because all of us getting back together, we remembered what we love about each other and what we hate about each other... It was just a bit of fun."

Chris also isn't shy about admitting that it isn't 2002 anymore. When it comes to the rigors of performing, he says that donning that face microphone thing and getting the dance moves down was an unwelcome trip down memory lane.

He adds:

"Honestly, when he talked to us I thought we were just coming out with mic stands and singing. When I came home from rehearsals my girl's like 'Why are you drenched?'... I'm too old for this! I was so worried about not messing up for [Timberlake.]"

Chasez also seems less inclined to do a full Backstreet Boys style reunion, saying to Ryan Seacrest after the big show:

"... it was just about five guys who were great friends who spent 10 or 15 years together touring and we wanted to give that back to our fans, but we were there mainly to support Justin... Literally, two minutes after seeing everybody you feel like no time has passed."

Like Chris Kirkpatrick and JC Chasez, Lance Bass said a bigger 'N Sync reunion just isn't "in the cards," at least for now.