RG III: I’m 100 Percent

Washington Redskins fans can let out a big sigh of relief because Robert Griffin III (RG III) says he’s 100 percent and ready to go for opening day.

RG III has been his own biggest cheerleader over the summer, constantly telling reporters and fans that his surgically repaired knee was feeling better every single day. RG III also claimed all along that he would be ready for the season opener.

During a sit down with ESPN980 radio in Washington on Tuesday, Griffin proclaimed:

“I would say I’m 100 percent, but you can’t put a number on it. No one ever knows when they are 100 percent or what percentage they’re playing at. The biggest thing is, I’m not below 100 percent.”

When asked about his ability to rush outside the pocket, RG III said he remained just as fast this year as he was last season.

“If I had to run a 40 today at the combine in my underwear, I feel like I could run a 4.3-something,” he estimated.

While RG III claims to be 100 percent and ready to go, he won’t be allowed to start in the teams season opener until Dr. James Andrews gives him the go ahead. Griffin is expected to be examined by Dr. Andrews on Thursday. RG could be examined before or after his teams showdown with Tampa Bay.

Even if Dr. Andrews clears RG III, it will still be up to his team’s coaches to decide if he’ll take the QB1 spot for the teams September 9 opener versus Philadelphia.

Griffin is convinced that he might even be better than he was before suffering his injury. Talking on ESPN980, he revealed:

“I’m better than that right now. In my mind it’s been clicked for a long time, but for my body it clicked during the pregame in the last game when I went out there in full pads and I was running around and throwing and doing stuff.”

When asked about his knee brace RG III says it won’t be restricting because he has been practicing with it all off-season and during the pre-season.