NFLPA Demands Aaron Hernandez Payday From Patriots

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) has filed a grievance on behalf of accused murderer Aaron Hernandez.

The players union is demanding that the New England Patriots pay Hernandez $82,000 in workout bonuses that were promised under his former contract.

The Patriots fired Hernandez after he was arrested and then charged with first-degree murder earlier in the summer.

An NFL team has the right to recover bonus money and avoid cap hits if that player violates the league’s personal-conduct policies.

Before he was arrested for murder, Aaron Hernandez was signed to a five-year extension that would have kept him with the Pats through 2018. The extension was worth $40 million and included a $12.5 million signing bonus.

Hernandez’s signing bonus and base salaries alone were worth $9.79 million on his extension.

Aaron Hernandez is set to be arraigned on September 6 in Fall River Superior Court of Massachusetts. Hernandez was indicted on Thursday.

According to prosecutors Aaron Hernandez orchestrated the shooting death of Odin Lloyd on June 17. Aaron was reportedly upset that Lloyd was talking to people that Hernandez didn’t like.

Hernandez’s lawyers say are confident he will be released from jail following the cases outcome.

In the meantime the NFLPA continues to act on behalf of the now jobless NFL player.

Do you think the New England Patriots should be forced to pay Aaron Hernandez, or does murder violate the leagues personal-conduct policies?