Rihanna And Drake Dating Rumors Make The Rounds

Are Rihanna and Drake dating? There’s a new report that the 25-year-old singer and the 26-year-old rapper dined together on Friday night — and that the evening ended with a kiss.

According to Hollywood Life, on Friday night Rihanna joined Drake at New York City’s Sons of Essex where he was having dinner with a group of about 10 people. According to that report, the group was dancing, singing, and doing shots.

However, it could have just been a group of friends having fun, not what you’d consider a date. Reportedly, Rihanna and Drake left separately. And the kiss was described as a peck on the cheek.

“It wasn’t nothing major. It was just Drake being himself,” an unnamed source said.

Although bouncers supposedly prevented anyone from taking pictures, the get-together itself is probably more than just a rumor. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution said that the appearance of both Rihanna and Drake on the scene was blabbed by the Sons of Essex chef.

Rihanna and Drake’s dating history has been difficult. Many fans would like to see them get back together. Now that it looks like she has finally quit Chris Brown for good, maybe Drake will get another chance.

Rumor Fix, among others, said that Rihanna and Drake were also spotted leaving the VMA after-party at PHD Rooftop. Well, they did leave separately — but it was whispered that it was within minutes of each other’s departure.


According to them, Rihanna was so ready to leave that she departed with a drink still in her hot little hand.

But Drake had both hands free so he could put them over his face and spoil the picture that some photographers tried to grab at the scene.

In this August 25 Instagram photo, Rihanna says, “#Decisions.” I will leave it to you to ponder what those decisions might be.

Rihanna’s August 25 Instagram

Right now, it seems up in the air whether or not the Rihanna and Drake dating rumors are true.

[Rihanna photo credit: oouinouin via photopin cc]

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