$1 Million Hole-In-One Claimed In New Mexico [Video]

Jeff Barton is one million dollars richer thanks to a single golf shot. Barton was playing in a Lincoln-sponsored charity golf tournament last Thursday in Sandia Park when he took a once in a lifetime shot.

Barton and 132 golfers were playing at the Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club in New Mexico when he stepped up to the ninth hole for a chance at $1 million.

Normally, that hole is a 477-yard par-4 from the tips. However, tournament organizers created a makeshift tee box that turned the hole into a 145 yard par-3.

The tournament was a fundraiser for nearby East Mountain High School.

Thankfully for the school they were smart enough to take out an insurance policy for the shot. That means the school still earns money for a worthwhile cause, and Jeff Barton walks away with $1 million in his now overstuffed pockets.

The odds of making the shot were placed at 12,500-to-1, which is still way better than most $1 million lottery giveaways.

East Mountain High School officials along with friends, family members, and onlookers gathered around the $1 million hole and started cheering the moment Jeff Barton’s ball hit the green and rolled towards a big payday.

The entire shot was captured on video and will make for a great memento for the golfer along with his $1 million prize. Here’s the video of Barton’s $1 million hole-in-one.

Barton has not yet commented on his hole-in-one prize money, probably because he’s still in shock or already out on the town spending some of his new found wealth.

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