‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Premiere Sneak Peek Released [Video]

Are you in Walking Dead withdrawal?

To tide you over, AMC has released a sneak peek of the season four premiere of The Walking Dead.

In case you tuned in late — or not at all — to the most popular cable television show in America, The Walking Dead, based on a series of graphic novels by Robert Kirkman, follows a small group of survivors who are led by Georgia Sheriff Rick Grimes (British actor Andrew Lincoln) in a quest to try to find a safe haven far away from virulent zombie-cannibal “walkers,” a.k.a. “biters.” As portrayed in season three in particular, some of the humans that they encounter along the way are also equally dangerous.

The Walking Dead is a huge part of the AMC network’s powerhouse Sunday night franchise which also includes Mad Men and the soon-to-end Breaking Bad. In the context of the series, the “walking dead” may also describe the humans who are all infected with the virus in its dormant stage.

The highly anticipated season four premieres on Sunday night, October 13.

AMC previously released a 4-1/2 minute season four trailer in July at Comic-Con.

The new Walking Dead sneak peek shows Michonne (Danai Gurira) menaced by two walkers at the entrance to the prison where Grimes and his group have been hold up for the past season. Carl (Rick Grimes’ son played by Chandler Riggs) is seen coming to her possible rescue.

As EOnline observes about The Walking Dead sneak peek, “We know Carl has pretty good aim (R.I.P. Zombie Shane), so we’re not too worried about the outcome. Then again, this is Walking Dead so maybe we should be worried that Carl doesn’t get there in time or he accidentally shoots Michonne while attempting to kill the walkers. And now we have to wait another month and a half to find out what happens.”