Obama Rodeo Clown Opens Up About Controversy [Video]

The Obama rode clown is giving his side of the story.

Tuffy Gessling, who was banned for life from the Missouri State Fair, say he has received death threats since the incident that went viral.

Gessling sat down an exclusive interview to KCTV Channel 5 in Kansas City about the controversy that started at the state fairgrounds in Sedalia, Mo., during the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association finals on August 10.

As part of the fallout, all Missouri rode clowns will now be required to undergo sensitivity training.

In commenting about the resulting firestorm, the Obama rodeo clown insisted that “I didn’t to do this to do any hating on anyone. I did it to be funny… this clown bit has been around for generations, and I didn’t think anything more of it that what we’ve done 15 years, 10 years ago, five years ago, when we’ve done it with Bush, and Clinton, and Ronald Reagan.”

Added Gessling: “I never did anything because of anybody’s race… I don’t care what color somebody is… doesn’t bother me one bit.”

When asked if he is a Democrat or Republican, Gessling responded that “I am a rodeo clown.”

Given the serious issues facing the country, he noted, “there’s a lot more to be mad at than a rodeo clown at a rodeo trying to make someone laugh.”

KCTV claimed that Gessling himself actually wasn’t wearing the Obama mask, just providing the commentary. Some other clown was doing so, and that man has not been punished by state fair officials.

Although banned from the Missouri State Fair permanently, he has invited politicians to see him perform at an upcoming Jefferson City, Mo., fair. “If President Obama turns out, I’d be honored to shake his hand,” Gessling declared.

Whether you agree or not that the Obama mask-wearing clown was acting in an offensive or inappropriate manner, presidential masks seem to have been a part of Americana for many years.

One example is the iconic 1991 film Point Break with Keanu Reeves and the late Patrick Swayze in which the main characters don masks of ex-presidents to commit bank robberies. Point Break is scheduled for an upcoming remake.

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