Liam Hemsworth Noticeably Absent From VMAs Red Carpet

Liam Hemsworth was noticeably absent from the VMAs on Sunday night, begging the question from many as to where Miley Cyrus’ fiance could be.

The couple has been the subject of several split rumors ever since the singer appeared to stop opening up about her private life. Miley appeared solo on the red carpet yet again, a fact that will likely make the rumors grow yet again.

Hemsworth’s absence was even more surprising, notes Hollywood Life, considering Miley’s highly anticipated performance. So, is the couple done for good, or could Liam, perhaps, not want to see his fiance’s crazy twerking and grinding with fellow singer Robin Thicke.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus were last seen together at the August 8 premiere of the actor’s latest film Paranoia, reports EnStarz. However, they barely touched or talked all night. Their interaction was noticeably different than in past public appearances.

But despite her fiance’s absence, a source close to the “We Can’t Stop” singer told the publication, “She’s totally in love with Liam.” The source added that, despite what it might seem, the couple isn’t having problems.

The source added that “Liam does love” Miley. However, “he’s not the type of guy that does the big romantic stuff.” However, the actor “is there for her when she needs him, so that says a lot.”

But it appears he wasn’t exactly there for her during the VMAs, where Miley had four nominations for her single “We Can’t Stop.” One possible excuse is Hemsworth’s upcoming film Cut Bank, which is currently filming in Canada. However, Liam’s reasons will likely never be known — unless he and Miley choose to answer their fans questions.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus’ VMAs performance was one of the highlights of the night — though not for a good reason. Her risque attire and teddy bear accompaniment had Will Smith and his family in shock.

While we’re not sure why Liam Hemsworth was absent from the VMAs, it’s likely he and Miley are still together — for now.

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