Hilaria Baldwin Already Getting Newborn Daughter Carmen Into Yoga

Hilaria Baldwin won’t be waiting too long to get her newborn daughter Carmen Gabriela into yoga.

The 29-year-old yoga instructor gave birth this week to her first baby with husband Alec Baldwin. In the days before Carmen was born, Hilaria showed off the nursery the couple had built, one that comes complete with a baby yoga mat.

“She is going to be starting at an early age,” HIlaria Baldwin said this week in an interview with Extra, where she serves as a correspondent.

Hilaria showed off the rest of the nursery, which is decked out in pink and light blue and already has a closet filled with baby outfits and shoes. Carmen’s dad Alec Baldwin also played a role in the design.

“Hilaria really had a vision for a very soft, sweet room,” designer Danny Romanoff told Extra. “She wanted butterflies. Alec definitely had ideas as well.”

Hilaria gave birth to Carmen Gabriela on Friday, tweeting that she was an “absolutely perfect” baby girl. A source said Alec was “overjoyed,” and he was seen carting some bags to the hospital where he wife was going into labor.

But Alec might not have too much time for changing diapers. The 55-year-old actor is reportedly in talks with MSNBC for a weekly show that would air on Friday nights. The network is currently treating the weekend as a wasteland of programming, airing prison documentaries in the time slot where Baldwin is rumored to be taking over.

MSNBC execs have remained quiet on the rumors.

“We’re fans of Alec but we’ve got nothing to say regarding this unconfirmed report,” a network representative said.

But even if Alec is a bit busier, it seems that Hilaria Baldwin has a good network of support. On Friday Alec’s teenage daughter Ireland Baldwin welcomed her new sister with a twitter post that included tips for caring for newborn babies.

[Image via Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com]