Celine Dion’s $72 Million Jupiter Island, Florida Mansion Goes On Sale [Video]

Celine Dion’s custom-built $72 million Jupiter Island, Florida mansion is hitting the market. Punch that button to watch an amazing video walk-through of the beautiful property.

According to real estate broker Joseph Montanaro, Vegas singer Celine Dion had the property custom built in 2010 on five-and-a-half acres of the very exclusive Florida inlet of Jupiter Island. The property includes 415 feet of beach frontage and is being sold turn-key with most of its contents.

The main residence of the Bahamian-inspired home is 10,000 square feet. It features an open-concept plan to give you sweeping ocean views.

There’s a double four bedroom guesthouse, a beach house with a second-floor sleeping loft, a tennis court complete with tennis house — and a total of three separate pools and a waterpark.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. It’s a beautiful example of wretched excess.

And looky-loos will not be welcome to stroll the Jupiter Island mansion. The broker noted that you’ll have to be pre-qualified before they will schedule a tour of the property.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Celine Dion’s celebrity neighbors include Michael Jordan and Olivia Newton-John.

She hasn’t really shared why she’s selling. But it isn’t too tough to figure out. As lovely as the Atlantic ocean may be, it isn’t real conveniently located to Celine Dion’s gig at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada which was extended through 2019 earlier this year.

Earlier this month, another celebrity mansion on Jupiter Island attracted some unwanted publicity. Tiger Woods’ $60 million mansion developed some unpleasant cracks in the dining room, leading him to call in a contractor to check it out.

A rumor quickly spread that a sinkhole had been discovered under the hapless 37-year-old world number one golfer’s mansion.

An alternative story claimed the original builders hadn’t placed sufficient pilings under the huge Tiger Woods estate.

Either way, the job is going to require a costly repair. I have a full video report here. But the short version is that contractors have to sink 15 24-foot long screws costing $1,000 apiece underneath the house to shore up the Florida mansion.

Let’s hope that for $72 million, Celine Dion’s Jupiter Island, Florida mansion is free of similar issues.

[Celine Dion thumbnail photo by s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]