Nancy Kerrigan Interview: Olympic Skater Opens Up About 1994 Attack [Video]

Nancy Kerrigan gave her first interview in nearly three years during the Today show Friday morning.

The Olympic skater discussed a number of emotional topics during her chat with Matt Lauer. In addition to touching on her father’s death and her brother’s incarceration, she discussed the infamous attack conceived by rival skater Tonya Harding.

Kerrigan explained that it’s still very hard to watch footage of the assault after almost 20 years. The incident at the US Figure Skating Championships in Detroit was captured by television cameras and ultimately broadcast around the world.

“Watching anything sort of horrific, it’s disturbing to see anybody in pain. To think it’s me. It’s a lifetime ago. It hurts to see anybody in such pain. It’s a long time ago. I just moved on,” the former Olympic skater told Lauer.

Despite the injury she sustained at the hands of hired thug Shane Stant, Kerrigan managed to compete at the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer. The skater would come in second to Ukraine’s Oksana Baiul during her stint in Norway.

Nancy Kerrigan said during her interview that some people still believe that she should have won the gold. The skater revealed that fans often approach her on the street to discuss the controversial decision.

“I only got second place by.1 or something so I think a lot of people really thought I should’ve won, so 20 years later you just think, ‘Oh she must’ve won,’” Kerrigan explained.

She added, “I was just happy with the performance and to even be able to go and compete again after being attacked. It was such a thrill to be part of an Olympic team again and to be able to represent our country.”

Footage of the assault on Kerrigan could be considered an early viral video. News stations across the nation frequently played the clip of the skater holding her knee while crying, “Why? Why?”

Be sure to check out the Nancy Kerrigan interview with Matt Lauer on Today. You can find the video embedded above.

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