Freak Hailstorm In Colorado Interrupts Summer

A hailstorm in Colorado surprised Littleton residents last night, and it wasn’t a little bit of hail, either.

The hailstorm in Colorado in August is not an unheard of occurrence, but it doesn’t make it any less strange to have ice raining down from the sky in the dog days of summer when it happens to you.

Local news sources reported upon the hailstorm, and Colorado residents found the weird weather to be a bit more amusing than anything else.

According to Live 5 News, the hailstorm was part of a larger storm system, one that caused flooding headaches as well as slightly out of season ice:

“At around 6 p.m., rain and hail pounded parts of Littleton, flooding the area with nearly 4 feet of water in some places, and leaving behind nearly 6 inches of hail on one street… If you asked the kids, they’ll tell you it’s a great time.”

Adults stuck in the mid-August Colorado hailstorm were less amused though, and local Bryndon Jackson told the station the freaky weather was a bit frightening.

Jackson, who hit a flash flood in his car before hail came raining down, told the outlet:

“All of a sudden my car just started getting washed away. Water flying up over the hood coming up to my windshield… As you can see a lot of hail obviously rushed in there,” He said. “It’s freaky, it’s weird.”

One user of Instagram wrote:

“Right before it got black and started thunder/lightnin storming/hailing #colorado #skies #weather #heavenly#sunshine #clouds #nature”

Another tweeted:

Six inches from the hailstorm in Colorado seemed to be the largest accumulation in the bizarre summer weather event.

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