Mass Grave May Contain Missing Club-Goers

A mass grave in Mexico City may contain the bodies of 12 missing club-goers. Three months ago, 12 people were kidnapped from the Heaven bar in Mexico City.

Seventeen men entered the club and escorted the victims out the door. They drove away in several vehicles. The victims were never seen again.

As reported by Fox News, two of the bar’s owners were arrested in connection with the abduction. A third owner was found dead in July.

Authorities believe the owners and security staff, either planned or assisted in the kidnapping.

The victims are male and female, ranging in age from 16 to 34. At least two of the victims have familial ties to organized crime.

Mexico City prosecutor, Rodolfo Rios, suspects the kidnapping was gang related. The La Union and Tepis gangs are suspected of numerous crimes in the community. However, neither group is associated with larger cartels.

Authorities offered a $750,000 award for any information about the kidnapping. However, it took months to receive a credible tip.

As reported by The Guardian, Mexico City authorities were following up on a tip about a weapon when they found the mass grave. The burial site is located within the Rancho La Mesa park.

Authorities have recovered the remains of seven people from the grave. The remains were covered in sand and lime, making visual identification impossible.

A federal agent, present at the site, has stated that he is “90 percent sure” the remains belong to the missing club-goers. He explains that clothing found in the grave matches what the victims were wearing.

The remains were submitted for DNA testing. Authorities expect the results early next week.

Family members showed up at the grave site when they heard the news. One of the victims’ grandmother, Maria Teresa Ramos, is hoping for closure:

“We have had three months with this anxiety… We are dying every day, little by little.”

Authorities are continuing their investigation at the site of the mass grave.

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