Chinese Blackberry 8980 Spotted At FCC, Looks For U.S. Approval

The Blackberry Curve 8980, an off shoot of the Curve 8900, currently available in China, has been spotted at the FCC.

The handset features a Wi-Fi radio, instead of the more typical WAPI variant available in China, while also supporting EDGE data service, but lacking other U.S. data, which means the device will probably only be approved for use in the U.S. without an actual carrier.

The FCC spotted device also features the “China Mobile” branding which makes us believe even further that it won’t sell in the U.S. but rather be given approval for use.

According to Electronista:

The handset is believed to be the final version of the codenamed Atlas, and was expected to be released at Verizon in the US.

The unit features a 3.2MP camera with a display that pushes out 480 x 360 pixels of resolution, hardly anything to write home about. It also comes equipped with A-GPS and a 624MHz CPU. Basically it’s the original 8900 with different branding and less U.S. data support.