Cheaterville Believes ‘Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater’; Millions Agree And Browse The Website

The website claims to keep tabs on two-timers by collecting information about their cheating ways. Their tag line reads, “Don’t be the last to know.” The site is marketed as a type of public service for the excessively paranoid.

This site is really for you if you believe in the old saying, “once a cheater, always a cheater”

Cheaterville was launched on Valentine’s Day (when else) this year and has “millions of viewers” searching for cheaters. Users can look at mini-profiles of men and women who’ve cheated.

The information is very detailed. It includes names, ages, hometowns and a photo, not to mention the sordid details of their indiscretions. The profiles are not created by the cheaters themselves, but by anonymous sources. Since many of these are ex-partners you should be wary of exaggerations.

If you want to know if your ” significant other” has a dubious past, all you have to do is enter their name into the site’s search engine and see if they have a philandering profile.

The idea is that if nothing turns up, you’re safe. But how well does this database actually work? Time Newsfeed searched for a few recognizable names to see what the site said about them.

This is what they came up with:

Eliot Spitzer: Has a profile lacking in the salacious details department. It actually is quite boring.

John Edwards: Has a profile and reading it will likely make you angry at him all over again.

Kobe Bryant: Has a profile but it was definitely written by a fan: The phrase “GUY CODE” is used, whatever that means.

Tiger Woods: Not one but two profiles. Just need to look at the internet.

Anthony Weiner: No profile. Is sexting an act of infidelity? Does it count as cheating?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: No profile. Really! Covered his tracks well.

So, how accurate is Cheaterville? Considering that each of the above named have confessed to their indiscretions publicly, why would you need the website?

Maybe Cheaterville is worth browsing just for the mean-spirited entertainment factor.

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