Tour Bus Crash Injures Dozens In California [Video]

A tour bus crash in California has injured more than 50 people, and an “unsafe lane change” is thought to be a possible cause for the dangerous accident.

The casino tour bus crash occurred yesterday in Irwindale, about 20 miles east of Los Angeles. The bus rolled over on the Foothill Freeway near the San Gabriel Freeway at just after 10 AM.

NBC Los Angeles describes a scene of chaos after the morning tour bus crash, with on-site triaging of the dozens of victims after the sudden roll over. The network explains:

“Aerial footage showed a large emergency response off the side of the freeway with firefighters tending to people on green, yellow and red triage tarps. The color-coded tarps indicate severity of injuries, with red being the most severe.”

55 people were injured in total when the tour bus crash happened, with three in other cars sustaining injuries following the accident.

Steven Zhang’s mother was one of the people on the bus, and all were between the ages of 60 to 80. Zhang says that the crash happened so quickly, his mom still isn’t really sure of what exactly precipitated it:

“She told me that she was talking to the person next to her, the bus was driving a little fast and right after that, the accident happened… She was in shock. She almost cannot remember anything because it happened all of a sudden.”

A spokesman for the California Highway Patrol admits that the cause of the tour bus crash, speculated to be due to a lane change, is not quite clear — adding that the number of injured passengers impeded an initial look into cause:

“It’s a little early to determine whether it was driver error… We are worried more about the injured people than the actual investigation itself.”

The casino tour bus crash also caused several hours of traffic headaches in the area outside L.A.

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