After Four Loko smackdown, fun police trying to crack down on boozy whipped cream

In an attempt to cockblock every future frat party ever, “health officials” who helped get alcoholic energy drink Four Loko throttled or banned in several states have now set their sights on another awesome invention you may not have heard of until it’s just about to get yanked from store shelves- alcoholic whipped cream, or “whipahol.”

You’re probably thinking what everyone else is thinking- BOOZY WHIP-ITS! But apparently, that’s not what everyone was thinking, because some wet blankets want to ban the totally delicious-sounding substance. The product is 13% ABV, higher than some wines, but alcohol purveyors scoff at the idea that this is the new Four Loko for underaged people looking for a sweet buzz:

“Unlike Four Loko, this is such a sweet product that if you took three or four shots of it in your mouth, you’d be like, ‘That’s enough. I can’t eat any more of this stuff.’ So, there’s no real way you could get a buzz on this like you could get with Four Loko,” said [liquor store manager Max] Pendolari.

Slate says a version called Whipped Lightning is 18% ABV, and offers a totally awesome serving suggestion for whipahol:

“What makes the alcoholic whipped cream particularly dangerous is when it’s sprayed on things like Jell-O shots, which already mask the taste of the high amount of alcohol in them,” the report says. “That allows students to get extremely intoxicated without realizing how much alcohol they’ve consumed.”

At $13 a can, though, the cost of getting drunk on whipped cream would be a bit staggering. Would you like to see a ban on products like Whipped Lightning? Are sweeping bans of “fun” alcohol products putting a damper on your parties?

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